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Based on 468 customer reviews from our shopper community, Jimmy John's’s overall rating is 3.05 out of 5 stars and 68% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. 28% of reviewers consider Jimmy John's overall a good value option, based on a rating of 2.04 from 54 votes. The most common issues with Jimmy John's are around Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy, Customer Service and Price & Quality based on a rating of 1.79, 1.30, 1.96 and 2.41.


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May 11, 2023
"JJ sucks"
This place is a complete joke. Asked for a turkey Tom, it was portioned for a toddler. Absolutely no flavor and extremely sparse sandwich. Something I could make at home. I'll stick to jersey Mike's
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April 21, 2023
For a place that advertises as "Freaky Fast", it was almost 2 hours after placing online order for delivery person to call saying they had arrived. No thanks. Never again J.J., Never again!
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April 19, 2023
"Hard bread"
I ordered almost $90 worth of sandwiches last night from Jimmy John’s at Cascade and the bread was so hard😡I am HIGHLY UPSET!!
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April 16, 2023
"Ate at Jimmy's once"
Ate at Jimmy's once, and that's the last. Dull, bland bread, minimal vegetables, Low in taste. Could have done the same thing at home and probably been happier. They need to close.
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March 27, 2023
"Great food"
Great food. Made super fast. Veggie subs are the best. Tip: put salt and vinegar chips IN your veggie sub
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March 24, 2023
"Awful sandwich and not timely"
I ordered a sandwich for my brother to pick up on his way home from work and ordered it to be ready at 8:15pm. When he arrived, the sandwich was not ready. I ordered the sandwich without mayo specifically and it came slathered with mayo. I HATE mayo on an Italian hoagie. Took a couple of bites and threw the rest out. Mayo should be an option and not automatically applied to the sandwich. Will not patronize JJ's again. Too many other places locally that do a better job.
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March 20, 2023
"New Caprese Sub"
If the sub was an indication of a bew product, they failed miserably! Looked like a regular sub, the meat was all jammed together, the soft mozzarella was a thin slice of hard mozzarella, the lettuce was encased in the "pesto" sauce & all shoved into the back closed crack of the sub bun, which had been baked too long, tomato was smashed & miniscule. Sure didn't look like the picture! Cross JJ's off my list for good!
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March 13, 2023
"Caprese sandwich"
Very lean, its a lie that the sandwich you get is like the one as advertised.1 slice of salami. 2 pieces of mozarella. Rip off
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March 13, 2023
They took way too long and wasn't able to eat it for my lunch and I got the combo but they didn't give me my side I'm disappointed in the service and time of waiting. Wish they did better and been more organized
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March 09, 2023
"What Avocado?"
I ordered, for the first time, "The Veggie" because I love avocado. You could not taste any avocado. I found a sliver of avocado spread the size of a quarter in between the slices of cheese. Disappointing. Hence, I took one star. Other than that, as a veggie sandwich, it was very good. The lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and cheese were fresh. Delivery was spot on and quick. I biggest fear was that they would forget to leave mayo off, but they remembered! Jimmy John's, if you advertise avocado spread, at least put enough so we can taste that it is there!
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March 08, 2023
"I placed an order on March 7th @…"
I placed an order on March 7th @ 12:27pm, my order was not ready for pick-up until after 1:38pm. I picked up my order and after arriving back work I realized the order was incorrect, I called the store back and spoke with an employee who said that I could bring back the sandwiches that were made incorrectly and pick up new sandwiches that would ready when I arrived at 4pm. I called before heading to the store to ensure the sandwiches would be ready. The manager who identified himself as Holden stated that he would not remake the sandwiches but I could pick up the free items that were not included on the sandwiches and add them myself. This is over 2 hours later and the sandwiches had been sitting in my car waiting to go back to the store . The sandwiches were not even safe to eat at that point let alone the fact that they were on soggy bread. I explained to the manager that it was his employee who said I could bring back the sandwiches for replacement. Holden was not sympathetic at all. He accepted zero responsibility for the fact the sandwiches were made wrong and refused to replace the order. I will NEVER patronize this establishment again and I encourage you not to give them your money. They have terrible service, and the manager is a horrible individual, he has a total lack of respect for his customers and I encourage you to go to Potbelly instead!
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February 24, 2023
"Beware of Tuna"
Heads up to anyone who hates onions. DO NOT order the Tuna! It is LOADED with onions, although no where in the description does it mention that there are onions in the Tuna salad. Why would you add onions and not just let those who like onions add them to their sandwich at no cost? I couldn't eat the sandwich and it was a total waste of money!
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February 05, 2023
"Amazing customer service"
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. These girls are great. Smiling and immediately greet and offering suggestions.
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February 01, 2023
"Are you Kidding Me?"
Ordered at 1:30, got a call the driver is on break and I will get it once they get back. Delivered at 2:17. Then it was the wrong sandwich and a different soda splashed onto my cup. Then I called them and got hung up on. Called again and they said they will put a credit on my account for "when I order again" yeah most likely won't happen.
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January 24, 2023
"Excellent sandwiches"
The Gargantuan with Kickin' ranch is AMAZING. Very fresh ingredients and packed with flavor. It is always on time too. This is the only place I will go for something quick.

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Questions & Answers

Is jimmy john's a scam or a legit company?

December 06, 2020

“It's legit but it shouldn't be... I've had 7-11 subs that tasted better than this "food"... questionable”


What made you choose jimmy john's over similar businesses?

December 06, 2020

“Because I always hear the commercials on TV the radio etc. And I am delivery driver and get to smell them all day... they definitely smell better than they taste...”


Can you share a success story using jimmy john's?

January 03, 2020

“No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no”

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